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Steel industry

Steel industry
Production stopped : design and manufacting in urgency

Production stopped : design and manufacting in urgency

The plant shutdown corresponding to critical financial loss for our customer, RITECS engaged all its resources (its team, its suppliers and its subcontractors) to design and manufacture a new lifter in the faster way.

The first step consisted in a review of existing plans. An expertise has been conducted to confirm the dimensional , select materials and to validate the new weighing system.

With an outstanding involvement of our subcontractors (steel supplier, boilermaker, machinist, heat treatment, carrier), all parts were completed in record time.

After assembly and commissioning by our team, the lifter has successfully performed the static qualification tests, validated by the accredited organism. Then the calibration was performed

Responsiveness, commitment, quality and expertise were key to this new success:

3 weeks! .... With a unique interlocutor for our customer.


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